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about us

Wakado Ramen was estasblished in the spring of 2018 with the goal of bringing flavourful experiences to all ramen lovers.  Located in the Beltline Area of Calgary, Wakado strives to provide ramen our guests will love by preparing every bowl fresh from scratch.

The open kitchen concept connects our guest with our staffs who showcase their passion and dedication to crafting the perfect ramen bowl.  The relationship we build with our guests through this concept is rewarding as seeing your ramen bowl being made just makes it taste even better.

Wakado Ramen aims to provide memorable experiences for our guests that will leave them full and happy and wanting to come back time and time again.  We believe our food, service, and ambiance will keep our guests longing for more.

OUR noodle

At Wakado, we prepare our noodles daily to ensure that our bowls of ramen are always complemented with fresh ingredients. With machinery imported from Japan, we carefully choose our flour & ingredients to make sure our noodles are fresh and with no preservatives making it healthy to enjoy. Guests can catch our staffs preparing a fresh batch of our delicious house-made noodles through the windows of our noodles making room.


our chashu

Seasoned with our scret spices and marinated in our house-made special sauce for several hours, our pork chashu is aormatic and flavourful and softness that melts in your mouth.


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our soup

The soup base we have created at Wakado is a complex yet harmonizing flavour that blends perfectly with our carefully selected ingredients which brings out exceptionally rich flavour and aroma that all ramen lovers crave.

The full bodied chicken and pork base recipe meticulously created by our team finds it's seamless balance between sweet and savoury that will be unfrogettable for anyone who takes their first sip.

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907 10th Ave. S.W, Calgary, AB T2R 0B5  Tel: (403) 457-8828

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